Our Core Values

As part of our makeup, we have envisioned what having a great church would look like.  Over the years, many principles and styles have formed and shaped our perspectives for ministry.  Today, we feel we are well equipped, empowered, and Called for such a time as this to reach today’s generation and a world in need of the love of Christ.  Below, we share that in which we see which helps unite our deeply committed, loving and caring church family. 


The Church we see equips, enables and releases ordinary people to do extra-ordinary things.


The Church we see is God-Centered, Spirit-driven, and people empowered. Our Church is existing full of life.


The Church we see is one that is devoted to God, devoted to one another, and devoted to reaching other communities.


The Church we see is numerically large and spiritually deep.


The Church we see is non-religious, naturally supernatural, and incredibly fun to be in.


The Church we see is a church of renowned character and integrity – a church whose #1 initiative is to glorify God and to bring His wonderful life to a lost world.


The Church we see sends forth Judah first in all things. This church is a place where praising is prominent and upon our lips at all times.


The Church we see is attractive, confident, victorious, and overcoming.


The Church we see is one whose powerful proclamation and awesome worship are broadcast to the nations by every modern means possible.


We Believe:


The Bible is inspired by God and represents His design and plan for mankind. It directs our beliefs and practices, and is superior to conscience and reason, while not being contrary to reason.


There is only one true God—who has revealed Himself as embodying the principles of relationship and association in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He is the Creator of all that we see. God created humanity as good, but man willingly fell into sin bringing evil and death, both physical and spiritual, into the world.


We believe that people were created by God in His image and that we are rational beings accountable for all our choices. Every person can have a restored relationship with God through accepting Christ’s offer of forgiveness for sin.


We believe in the deity of Jesus Christ and that as God’s son, Jesus was both human and divine.

Jesus Christ fulfilled justice for our wrongdoing through His execution on the cross where He willingly received judgment that was rightfully ours. To prove His innocence, God raised Christ from the dead three days after His execution. Christ now lives with God where He assists His church. He has promised to return someday.


The grace of God, which brings salvation, has appeared to men, through the preaching of repentance toward God and faith toward the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that anyone can receive mercy for their wrongdoings by placing their trust in Jesus Christ and surrendering their lives to Him. It’s not a matter of works; it’s all about faith.

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit empowers us for life and service. God supernaturally empowers us with gifts and abilities to make an eternal impact upon the world and be a genuine witness to others. God still moves in miraculous ways and is eager to touch our lives in times of need.


The Church is the Body of Christ, the habitation of God through the Spirit, with Divine appointments for the fulfillment of her great commission. The church is both local and global – global in that all Christians of all cultures are joined together in one large church family, local in that there are collections of believers who gather together regularly to worship God among each other and in their communities.


We believe that when we die, we are united with Christ and will live forever.

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Service Times

Main Service: Sundays - 10:30 am

Growth Track: Sundays - 12:00 pm