Grieving With Hope

grieving with hope

Grief. It is an emotion that is a part of our normal human make up. But, did you know that while grieving WHAT you go through is normal? As one experiences grief, one may soon also realize that many other emotions accompany your experience throughout the process which can overwhelm you.

Join us as we unpack grief as we bridge hurt to healing.

Session 1 What to expect with Grief; Help for the Journey
Session 2 Coping with Grief; Everyone’s Grief is Unique
Session 3 Will this pain ever end; Peace and Pain Can Co-Exist
Session 4 Healthy ways to relieve your pain; Comfort comes in different forms
Session 5 Avoiding a Crisis of Faith; Anger with God can block healing
Session 6 Grieving with Hope and Joy; God can use our suffering for growth
Session 7 Introduction To Rehab For The Redeemed
Session 8 The 5 Stages Of Recovery
Session 9 Getting Control Of Your New Normal
Session 10 The Conquest - Your Year of "REACH"
Session 11 The Confrontation To Recovery
Session 12 Victory - From The Valley To The Mountaintop
Session 13 Championing The Challenges
Session 14 Celebration For Recovery

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Main Service: Sundays - 10:30 am

Growth Track: Sundays - 12:00 pm