City Care



We can love outside ourselves . . . in care for those in need.

Many today face life hardship, trial, and find themselves in unexpected circumstance.  Judah City is a church believing in loving and serving past ourselves, – allowing God’s love to change lives through simple acts of kindness.

We live out this mission through the Judah City Community Care programs and serve teams designed to be a church community passionate for caring for the needs of our greater community at large.

By opening our hearts to love, serve, and give, we have realized not only are we a part of changing the lives of others, but we are also subject to the changing of our own lives. A beautiful perspective is found when we take the time to actually see the world through God’s eyes. When we stop to actually look around us and ask ourselves “How can I serve someone today?” we find ourselves being transformed by the idea of living beyond ourselves.

Below are Some of Judah City's Community Programs

United Way of Tri-County, Marlboro MA ServeTEAMS for local Feeding Programs Monthly

Hope for Holiday, UWOTC, Marlboro Ma Gift Card Program to supplement Teen Awareness Drive

Kits for Kids Outreach Marlboro MA Care Packages, special kits designed for Children & Teens

Red Cross of New England Local Hosting of Blood Drive for Crisis Need

USPS Stamp out Hunger Marlboro MA Food Drive supporting postal services of Marlboro

Our Father’s Table, Marlboro, MA Give-a-Meal Gift Cards to Shelters for Hot Meals for Homeless

Capasso Farm Feeding Program Hudson, MA Youth Program for Harvesting Food for local Shelters

Pearl Street Cupboard & Café, Framingham MA ServeTEAM prepare hot meals to serve to homeless

Servolution Community Random Acts of Kindness Program Hands/Feet meeting diverse community need monthly

Established Small Group forums for group & one-to-one Grief, Domestic Violence & Other Support Groups

Panera Bread Collaboration Feeding Program that supports Sunday programs & Recovery

The City Kids Center Licensed, Cori’d, and CPR Certified Children’s Programming

The City Youth Program, Teens near and far engaged in learning the Word of God.


Please note that during the Covid season, we have suspended in-person serving at this time.  Please contact us at 774-249-6462 for other opportunities to love and serve that can make a difference.